We are Violin Makers in The Hague.

We will help you to find and purchase just the right violin, viola, cello or bow for your individual needs, through our worldwide network. We buy instruments and bows and you can also sell through us. Our passion is restoration and we are committed to emphasizing the historical value of instruments as well as maximizing their playing potential.

Our services include:

  • - sales of instruments and bows of the violin family both modern and baroque,  from beginners quality to old Italian violins and French bows
  • - maintenance 
  • - restoration of instruments and bows
  • - bow rehair
  • - sales of accesories we always have Toro gut strings in stock
  • -rental of small and full size violins we have a large number of very fine old small size violins. They might be not the cheapest violin to rent, but you’ll see and hear the difference. For any violin, part of the rental fee you paid during the rental period can be used towards payment of future purchase of instruments.
  • -valuation